LA Fitness Locations

LA Fitness Locations

LA Fitness Locations
- Founded in the year 1984, LA Fitness is a US-based fitness chain with millions of members in more than 500 LA Fitness locations in United States, Canada and United Kingdom. The premier LA Fitness location was set up in Irvine (California) and it still functions as the leading fitness center in this vast fitness chain.

All locations provide the best work out facilities equipped with state of the art equipment. More than 300 of these locations (out of a total of over 500) are functioning in United States alone with thousands of members working out every day. Group exercises and personal trainings, both are offered at all locations. The wide range of group exercises include aerobic basics, aqua fit, belly dancing, boot camp conditioning, cardio jam, cub boxing circuit, core training, hip hop, cycle zone, Latin heat, kickboxing cardio, mat Pilates, step circuit plus abs, Tai Chi, Yoga and many more. All these group exercises are full of fun and motivation to give you a great work out experience.

la fitness locations
- Having to work out with a personal trainer has many benefits and this is the main reason why all these locations have the best trainers to help its members design the best work out plans. These personal trainers will not only work out with you but will also provide you the support and encouragements which will help you achieve your health goals. Another good thing about these fitness centers is that once you become a member, you get a free one hour assessment session with trainers. Personal trainers at LA Fitness locations use a mixture of exercises all based on your fitness needs. These trainers unlike most of the trainers will not act as teachers but as your friends and workout partners so that you learn all the principles of exercise. All these trainers have years of experience and they know that only professional guidance will help you learn how to manage your pace and intensity levels to remain fit and good-looking.

A conventional trainer would only tell you the basic work out plans, but personal trainers at these locations will thoroughly monitor you for weaknesses and help you transform all your weaknesses into strengths.

La Fitness locations are spreading every day, more and more people are being hired to maintain service, quality and customer satisfaction. LA Fitness Company bought a number of Bally fitness locations during the previous year and added another 171 locations to its chain.

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